Thursday, September 10, 2015

VIP Nails Promotion

$14 a FULL SET (fake nails, short, straight and solid color)
$15 Shellac Gel Polish on real nails
$20 Dip in luxury organic powder contains vitamins and calcium
$10 a Manicure on real nails
$5 to $10 eyebrows WAXING (sensitive skin)
Body massage (have to book a week ahead) (travelling)
$30 Deluxe Pedicure (exfoliated mask, hot wax, paraffin)
$40 Luxury Pedicure (adding deep tissue massage)
GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE (in case of face book account went crazy, you know it)
Extra services:
- add $5 for 2 nails designs
- add $12 for 10 nails designs
Fill in $10 (short) $12 (medium) $15 (long)
Fix $3 a nail
All prices in cash and INCLUDED 10%OFF.
So if you paid with any card, it would be 10% more add-in the total bill. Thank you!!!
VIP NAIL's on Tyler, Texarkana and Waxahachie are NOT participate on this promotion !!!

6500 Precinct Line Rd - HURST - 76054      -
Appointment and  WALK-IN welcome.
Call 817 - 281 - 3112 Text 682-556-9974
(We are close 5 seconds to Home Depot and Cook Children Hospital)

*** I will let you know when this promotion is expired.

*** We will soon launch the roll dices, bingo, blinko, and some more games when you visit the shop to get your nails done and it's NEVER boring at the nails shop anymore. Games is FREE to play.

Thank you for your business!!!

VIP Nails routing for the Cowboys

Welcome to VIP NAILS!!! ONLY place give you winning on the NFL every year.

Remember, all of these picks are my opinion and the money is NOT real money;
You are responsible for any actions that you make in your knowledge.

Bankroll for the year 2015 - 2016: $5000
Record for the year YTD: 0 - 0 - 0 (win - lose - tie)
Parlay record YTD: 0 - 0 (win - lose) (I call this as bonus play)
Go Boys!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Vietnamese New Years dates

- 2031: Thursday, January 23rd (Pig). End of a 12-year cycle
– 2030: Saturday, February 2nd (Dog)
– 2029: Tuesday, February 13th (Rooster)
– 2028: Wednesday, January 26th (Monkey)
– 2027: Saturday, February 6th (Goat)
– 2026: Tuesday, February 17th (Horse)
– 2025: Wednesday, January 29th (Snake)
– 2024: Saturday, February 10th (Dragon)
– 2023: Sunday, January 22nd (Cat/Rabbit)
– 2022: Tuesday, February 1st (Tiger)
– 2021: Friday, February 12th (Buffalo)
– 2020: Saturday, January 25th (Rat). Start of a 12-year cycle
– 2019: Tuesday, February 5th (Pig). End of a new 12-year cycle
– 2018: Friday, February 16th (Dog)
– 2017: Saturday, January 28th (Rooster)
– 2016: Monday, February 8th (Monkey)
– 2015: Thursday, February 19th (Goat)
– 2014: Friday, January 31st (Horse)
– 2013: Sunday, February 10th (Snake)
– 2012: Monday, January 23rd (Dragon)
– 2011: Thursday, February 3rd (Cat/Rabbit)
– 2010: Sunday, February 14th (Tiger)
– 2009: Monday, January 26th (Buffalo)
– 2008: Thursday, February 7th (Rat). Start of a 12-year cycle
– 2007: Saturday, February 17th (Pig)